I spy with my little eye, something very different about the Studio…

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves- Miel Design Studio is now Miel Creative Studio! Like many of you, we used all that time at home during the height of the pandemic to do a lot of reflection. Over the past 18 years, the Studio has gone through some major changes. As we’ve grown, our scope has also evolved. And since Spring is the season of new beginnings, we decided it would be the perfect time for a rebrand that better reflects what it is that we’re all about.

So, what does this change mean for our clients? First, know that we are still the same scrappy/imaginative/reliable/full-service studio that you trust and love. Our values, human-centered process, and client satisfaction remain our highest priorities. But we wanted folks to see that we do more than just design and we needed our name to reflect that.

Our offerings include a full creative suite of brand development, messaging, marketing and content strategy, workshops, communications strategy, website design, report creation, and more. See what we mean? So much more than just design.

We hope you’ll take a minute to explore our fresh new website and learn more about our work. Then get in touch about how we can help you connect with your audience and grow in your mission during this Spring season of renewal.

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