Starting an email marketing series is overwhelming, but email is still the best way to reach your clients.

How do I build an email list of ideal clients? Which platform should I use? How do I automate an email series to keep my audience engaged? What content should I include? How do I plan consistent and compelling content? The list goes on... We’ve not only helped clients create a plan for their email marketing, we were able to:

  • Increase email list by 50k+/mo
  • Drive millions in sales
  • Raise millions for great causes
  • Maintain lists from 5k to 250k+

Social media is a constant moving target. Privacy rules are shifting and algorithms are rewarding something new every single day. But you still need to reach your clients. What is the best way to consistently connect with your target audience? Email.

You will walk away from your VIP day with your full email marketing plan for the next year: 12 months of content ideas, a strategy to build your list, a content management system, branded templates, and custom how-to videos so you can remember it all.

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We'll build a full email marketing plan for a year including these features:

Email Marketing Solution

There are so many different companies that provide email marketing solutions. Which one is right for you? We’ll help you determine which one fits your needs best. Options include Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Flodesk, and more.

Email Template

A well-designed template can improve your open rates, encourage interaction, and even increase your sales. We will provide you with at least one designed template and a video guide containing best practices and additional tips on how to maintain the design.

Content Planning

We will collaborate to create a 12-month content plan that will include 2 sample blog posts, a content calendar, and strategies to repurpose your content.

List Building Strategy

We will work closely to find ways to build a list that includes your ideal clients. You will leave with 1-2 ideas of how to build your list. (Note: we do not encourage clients to buy lists.)

Image Templates

This includes a complete set of templates: an email template and corresponding image templates so that you know the exact size of images that you’ll need to fill your email template.

Content Management System

This includes an Airtable template that will help you plan and organize your content from month to month.

How-to Videos

Want to be sure you remember how to update your template, edit your images, and more? We’ll create custom how-to videos to walk you through each step.

Best Practices

Want to keep your email strategy fresh and your audience engaged? We’ll provide a quarterly and yearly checklist to ensure that you are following email marketing best practices.

Email Workshop FAQs

How does a VIP Day work?
  1. Sign up at the link below to let us know that you are interested. We will send a follow-up email with the next steps.
  2. Fill out the pre-work questionnaire, choose a day that works best for you and your team, and pay for your session.
  3. We will schedule a 20-min consultation to ensure that we have all of the content we need to successfully collaborate.
  4. We will review the content you sent us and compile a set of recommendations, worksheets, and templates uniquely designed for you.
  5. On the day of your session, we will:
    • meet for 1 hour to review the content
    • followed by a 1-hour work block
    • come back to review the work we’ve done and take a lunch break
    • second by 1-hour work block
    • and right before the end of the day, we will have a 1-hour review and FAQ session so be prepared with any questions that you have about email marketing!
  6. In 4-5 business days you will receive the final deliverables including an email template set up in your email system of choice,* image templates, content calendar, Airtable template, and custom how-to videos. Everything you need to kick off 12 months of email marketing.
  7. Two weeks after your session, we will have 1-hour check-in to follow up with additional questions.
How much does a VIP Day cost?

The Email in a Day session costs $3250 inclusive of the templates, worksheets, how-to videos, and best practice guides listed above. Additional fees might include custom illustrations, stock photography, and the monthly subscription fee for the email provider you choose.

What is an email marketing solution?

An email marketing solution is a software product where you can create custom emails, manage your subscribers, set up automation, and more. Examples include Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Emma, Flodesk, and more.

Do I need Photoshop or other image editing software?

We recommend using Canva (you can use the free version for the template we set up) or we can find another solution that just involves cropping images.

Does this include all content for every email for 12 months?

No. Beyond the first email, you will need to write the content based on the framework and content ideas that we have created. Depending on what we decide this might mean writing blog posts, social media posts, or sometimes creating short-form videos.

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